Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Questions

Ok so as I go into the next part of my series I was wondering if it i any good or even if it is worthwhile for me to continue on. I am very neurotic when it comes to this stuff and I know I do this mostly for myself but also if there isnt much of an interest I lose ambition and inspiration. Yeah I know Im weird anyways I am doing three straight nights of captioning so please stay tuned to this station and my mothership the Haven.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My favorite TG fiction Stories

Well this is an Homage to a sample of my favorite TG fiction stories. I created a caption for each one, these do not do any justice to the orignal stories. This is but a mere tribute to some of the best fiction I have ever read.
AF-Prom Date By Morpheus

Truly one of my favorite AF stories, including a nice transformation sequence and just an all around good tale.
Feel free to check it out
AF-Prom Date

 or why I hate My little Brother By: Bashful

I Just lurved this story the first time I ever read it. It was cute and funny and made me even envious of the main characters.
Check it out

County Fair By: The Professor

A truly fantastic story, I lurved the transformation sequences to the mind alterations. I really enjoy this story always nice to go back to an old favorite like this one.
Check it out
County Fair

Kate Draffen By Swishy

I am a creature of habit and I read tons of TG fiction and I usually keep going back to my old ones. This however is really new and became a personal favorite of mine. It is by far an excellent story and my caption does not do it justice.
Check it out
Kate Draffen Parts 1-9

Stuck By: Vallee

This one is truly memorable for me, it is one of the first stories I read. This story really turned me on to TG fiction and Captions. It truly showed me that I wasnt alone in having fantasies like this and that there was more to TG than the movie "Switch" Sadly the story ends on a cliffhanger, and I have never found part 2. Although I swear I found it once but I have never been able to find it. So if you know of the second part please LET ME KNOW!!!!! I will so give anything to read more on this. But I may write the second part to it I dont know.
CHeck it out

I hope you all enjoyed these and please if you havent read them give it a try. Also id love comments if you have any.

PART 2 OF The Survey Serial

Ok so here is part two I may update a bit sooner this week so stay tuned.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Serial Part two coming monday

Ok so the next part will be posted on Monday. So whats everyones opinion on it? You like it? I dunno LOL either way im happy. This isnt one of those do it and get blocked series for me I have it all planned out but I wanna do it serial form.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Annoucing the first Part of my serial Blog Series "THE SURVEY"

Ok this was inspired by two very different sources, first one is obviously from the movie "The Box" The second part was the survey which was sent to me back in the late 90's out of the blue.

Hope you all enjoy the first part and the second part will be up in a few days. Please leave feeback if you got some.

Random thoughts

Hello to my two followers and to whoever else reads this. I am just a bit stuck right now on what to do exactly for my serial captions for this blog. I really think it will hit me at the worst time, when I cant do it and lose it. THat lately has been a huge issue with me, I get the most brilliant idea dont have any way to record it and then its gone. But yeah it is on its way I have like three ideas going around I wrote a story the other day I need to just edit it. I may just use that as the plot, anyways you will see it soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome friends

Hello my friends, I hope you enjoy this Blog as much as I enjoy writing it. You will find Captions here I have done and I will also be offering a Serial set of Captions that I promise will be updated at least once a week. I love to Caption and I seriously hope you all enjoy it

These are captions I did for Angie and Bren from the Haven